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The editor whose work is never done

Degrassi meets YouTube.

You guys. While on YouTube in search of those TNG webisodes I can never get to work on The N's site, I came across all these awesome Classic Degrassi music videos:

What the author calls "Jaitlin"--that is, Caitlin and Joey--set to the music of t.At.U (or however you spell it).

MORE Jaitlin, through the years, over a duet by Cher and Peter Cetera.

Enough with the Jaitlin already, BUT, this one has the distinction of featuring the "You were fucking Tessa Campinelli?" line.

Kathleen gets abused by Scuzzy Scott. (It's not really six minutes long; for some reason it repeats again without the song.)

Erica has an abortion, with No Doubt lending moral support.

Lucy leads a pretty charmed life--but the jarring final shot will remind you that no one is safe from Wheels.

Liz comes to terms with her traumatic past, which includes listening to Mariah Carey.

And the best: Claude is emo, as is New Found Glory.

(Or, if you prefer your Claude suicide more adult contemporary, watch it while listening to Kelly Clarkson. Special mention for inclusion of Soapbox Joanne.)

And not a music video, but it can't be seen enough: "You know Wheels, you're a good looking young man."

Please post if you find any others!
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