Here (In Your Arms) (politick_03) wrote in degrassicosm,
Here (In Your Arms)

Hey...i joined a few days ago & haven't had a chance to post...eep.
I'm christa from melbourne, australia

Anyhoo, I've been a fan of Degrassi jnr. high/Degrassi high for ageeeesss. I first watched it when i was 10, then at 11 mum stopped me from watching it ;/ it wasn't until i was 13-14 when i became a big fan, i still remember we had a degrassi look alike contest/quiz in my first year at high school...i ALWAYS watched the reruns when they were on...
..and i still love it nowdays, i've been watching the dvds over and over again alot recently. Plus i got School's out last week. I'm not really big on TNG it's ok but i like DJH/DH more.
I liked Catlin & Joey, and Patrick..& i don't know why but i laugh my butt off when Joey and Dwayne used to pick on each other..Kathleen annoyed me as well...
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