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TNG: "Rock This Town" and "The Bitterest Pill"

Well, I wish the CTV promos hadn't totally given away that someone was going to bite it (and made it pretty obvious who it was going to be), because I think the episode would have been a lot more effective for me. As it was, it felt like that Clone High episode where Ponce De León is walking around all, "I just love life," and proclaiming his undying friendships with everyone right before he dies.

Actually, it would have been way cooler if J.T. had been killed by litter, because the knife in the back didn't really work for me. First, there wasn't much build-up to it, and second, it wasn't even Ugly Nic who did it. Apparently, Ugly Nic was too busy filming movie adaptations of Canadian novels to make it to set that day, so they let one of the lackeys do it. And not even for the love of Mia, which was what I thought this whole feud was based upon. Whatever.

Speaking of Mia: HATE. Hate her raspy, wisdom-of-teenage-motherhood-timbred voice, hate her "I slept in braids and cut these bangs myself with safety scissors" hair, hate the fact she'll probably be paired off with someone else now.

I don't know quite what to make of the fact that Toby got more action in this episode than all the other seasons combined. And the only reason they had him standing outside the car when he kissed Liberty (WTF, btw) was to play down the fact she's several heads taller than he is. I really hope we aren't headed for Toberty or anything resembling it.

I sort of assumed Emma and Sean got it on a long, long, long time ago. I sort of wish they had, rather than subjecting us to Emma's attempts at being sexy. I did like her interaction with Jay, though.

Speaking of blowjobs, that's totally what Jesse did with the bar skank, isn't it? And dude, way to proclaim your love in a coupon book.

Oh, J.T. While corny at times, he'd become my favourite male character on Degrassi and I'm sad to see him go and in such a lame fashion. However, I will pay good money if anyone can get me one of those memorial t-shirts with his photo on it, or better yet, that huge-ass mural they had on the stage.

Behind-the-scenes look at Ryan Cooley's last day on set (sob).
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