The editor whose work is never done (alias_elaina) wrote in degrassicosm,
The editor whose work is never done

RIP, Neil Hope.

kittyface WHAT. Degrassi star Neil Hope, who played 'Wheels,' reported dead, almost five years later.

alias_elaina OMG. FIVE YEARS? I feel as though I said more than a few disrespectful things about Wheels online during that time. This makes me sad.

[info]kittyface A Facebook page urging him to join had three members :/. They should have been us, at least.

[info]alias_elaina What I want to know is how you, an Australian, found out about this before me. I feel I've failed as a Canadian.

[info]kittyface Clearly I have my finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist of 1987 while you, simply, do not.

[info]kittyface  Alas poor Wheels, I knew him, Joey Jeremiah.

I was going to make some comment about how this is the first Degrassi death (that I'm aware of), WHO'S NEXT, and something about Whitney Houston, but nah. I don't understand how someone can die of "natural causes" at age 35. It's sad.

Wheels showing up on TNG to apologize to Lucy ten years after School's Out still stands as one of the best TV payoffs ever for me. I may have snarked on his character a lot, but I respected Hope for seeing that storyline through. RIP.
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