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Everybody wants something.

But what is it?

The zit remedy.
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Main Entry: de·gras·si·cosm
Pronunciation: di-'gras-sE-"kä-z&m
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, from Medieval Latin microcosmus, modification of Greek mikros kosmos
Date: 15th century
1 : a little world; especially : the human race or human nature seen as an epitome of the world or the universe
2 : a community or other unity that is an epitome of a larger unity
3 : a celebration of the best/worst show to come out of Canada. Ever. Better/worse than The Red Green Show and almost as good/bad as You Can't Do That On Television.

* * *

Welcome to degrassicosm, a place where we believe Degrassi is but a microcosm of the world, from which we can learn all of life's lessons.

How is this different from other Degrassi communities, you ask? We'd like to think it's a matter of perspective. We have a complicated relationship to the show, somewhere between blind adulation and seething contempt. Episode recaps, polls, random rants--you'll find it all here. Discussion of both old-school Degrassi and The Next Generation (especially as it pertains to old-school) is welcome--just keep the snark coming.

Founders and maintainers: alias_elaina and kittyface

* * *
"Kathleen, you had anorexia, your mother is an alcoholic, and your boyfriend beat you! Everyone knows!"
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