The editor whose work is never done (alias_elaina) wrote in degrassicosm,
The editor whose work is never done

Degrassi: The Musical!

kittyface says: you know what i think we need to champion?
kittyface says: degrassi: the musical.
kittyface says: like grease but with more sex and drugs and disease

alias_elaina says: i can already hear the ballad of wheels.

kittyface says: "my parents are dead/i live with my grandparents instead/i steal all their cash/to make my mullet so flash" etc etc

alias_elaina says: and stephanie kaye could do a rizzo-esque torch song
alias_elaina says: michelle and her dad could do a love duet
alias_elaina says: alexa and simon could do some greek dancing

kittyface says: we could have a song about periods, and waiting for them, like heather/erica
kittyface says: there are so many possibilities!

kittyface says: i reckon you could actually do it for real

alias_elaina says: if we staged it, i bet pat mastroianni would come

kittyface says: and he'd try to have sex with one of us, too
kittyface says: PAT ME UP INDEED

alias_elaina says: you can have him, i'm saving myself for patrick

kittyface says: he's like 4'3".
kittyface says: i'd actually do it, though. just to say i did, and then sell the condom on eBay.

alias_elaina says: he would be the one to sell it, he's sold everything else he owns on eBay!
alias_elaina says: he'd autograph it first, though.

kittyface says: caitlin could sing a bob dylanesque protest tune
kittyface says: claude could be a ghost.

alias_elaina says: amy and allison would be the chorus
alias_elaina says: also, shane would come in every so often for a "kick you in the head" interlude
alias_elaina says: hmm, the polka dot twins would need to do something

kittyface says: i think you could have them do a number but with a whole chorus line of people dressed identically to them - polka dot ruffle skirts, off the shoulder tops, scrunchies, leggings, aborted foetus earrings
kittyface says: pete just suggested zit remedy songs

alias_elaina says: yes, but we'd have to recast them somehow, like turn "everybody wants something" into a haunting indictment of the capitalist regime
alias_elaina says: how will lucy figure in?

kittyface says: stabbed to death somehow?

alias_elaina says: i think she could sort of be the narrator with the camera, sort of like mark in Rent

kittyface says: but lucy's BLIND! she can't narrate

alias_elaina says: she is the BLIND WOMAN WHO CAN TRULY SEE

It devolved into a discussion of Greek mythology shortly thereafter, but I really think this is something we need to work on. The material just lends itself so readily, in the vein of Monica! The Musical and Silence! Silence of the Lambs: The Musical. Look for it coming to an auditorium near you.
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