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The return.

So what's the deal with TNG now? Do I have to spoiler-cut discussion even though The N is light-years ahead of us and Emma's probably already knocked up with Sean's baby, driving him to drop acid and jump off a bridge?

I'm not so sure how I feel about the new season so far. It's been uneven, and we're only up to episode 6. The 90210-esque opening credits are hilarious if only for the fact that they've given up the pretense that Toby is a main character.

So far we've

-learned about impotence in paraplegics (which was admittedly very ballsy of them)
-ripped off 2 Fast 2 Furious about 2 years 2 late
-learned that Miriam McDonald's acting abilities plateaued around the time she got hot
-saw Ashley in her underwear
-wondered where Ellie gets her endless supply of off-the-shoulder tops
-cried foul at the introduction of Mia/"Poochie," who we just know is going to get all up in J.T.'s fries, causing his once-promising character to regress
-surmised that the ugly kid from their rival school who started the fight won his role in some radio-sponsored contest
-scoffed at the suggestion that Jimmy and Ellie were both virgins despite their long-term (and in one instance, cohabitating) relationships
-really started to love Manny, despite ourselves
-ripped off a shitty made-for-CTV movie about the dangers of cam-whoring (that was in turn ripping off the very first episode of TNG)
-and called Darcy a slutty, slutty hypocrite who isn't actually as hot as she believes.

Maybe that last one was just me, but you see my point: the show is all over the place and I'm not sure what to make of it. I will say this: Ellie's new boyfriend is really, really hot. Not Patrick-from-original-recipe-Degrassi-hot, but hot enough that I can overlook his goddamn smugness. What can I say, I was a sucker for the Brandon/Andrea/West Beverly Blaze storylines.

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